Profil 7

Bastian Oldhouse was born in 1948 in Biel (Switzerland). He painted his first pictures at the age of 14. He expresses his passion for painting in his still lifes in oil on wood. He is denied his wish to be trained as a graphic artist. He completed an apprenticeship as a draftsman, followed by a degree in engineering. After graduating, he devoted his free time to painting, before – now married with two daughters – devoting himself exclusively to his engineering profession. At that time, he decided to return to art later. Just in time for his 60th birthday – after a 33-year break – he makes his plan come true and – this time definitely – finds his way back to his paintbrush. Since 2008, the autodidact has devoted himself exclusively to art. The result: over 400, mostly large-format images, one video production and several installations. In the first years after the resumption of his artistic activities, Bastian Oldhouse placed his work at the service of world topicality. What he had to say about the crises, wars and manipulations of mankind is now captured in his pictures. For two years now, he has dedicated his creative energy to “more beautiful” things and focuses on surreal positions and portraits/nudes (commissioned paintings).


Kunstverein Biel (Switzerland)
Kunst- und Kulturverein Kitzbühel (Austria)

Exhibitions (selection):

  • 04.2011: CH-3422 Alchenflüh/Bern – Galerie im Chalet.
  • 08.2012: CH-2553 Safnern – Eigenausstellung, Einzel.
  • 11.2013: CH-4000 Basel – Basler Versicherungen, Kollektiv.
  • 01.2016: CH-3000 Bern – Galerie habitARTE on tour Einzel.
  • 11.2016: CH-4102 Binningen/Baselland, Arte Binningen, Kollektiv.
  • 12.2016: CH-Biel/Bern, Jahresausstellung Bern-Jura, Kollektiv.
  • 12.2017: CH-ArtCenter Basel. Kollektiv.
  • 12.2017: CH-Le Noirmont, Jahresausstellung Bern-Jura. Kollektiv.
  • 01.2018: A-Innsbruck, A-Art Innsbruck, Kollektiv.
  • 05.2018: F-Paris, Carrousel du Louvre, Kollektiv.
  • 05.2018: GB-London Kollektiv, A&D Gallery.